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Maternity photography workshops

Maternity Photography Workshop is a one-day meeting. I will show you and teach you the art of timeless and modern maternity photography. We will focus on key aspects such as: lighting, styling, working with a model, organising your studio and creating magnificent experience for your customers. It is an exceptional opportunity to improve photography skills, meet talented photographers and discuss the opportunities to build and grow your photography business. 

During this workshop I put the main emphasis on the practical part – especially posing, choosing styling and lighting to bring out the natural beauty of the photographed model. I show you my retouching workflow  to achieve beautiful glory skin textures with even colors. 

I organise maternity photography workshops in my studio in two modes (for terms and conditions of workshops in other countries refer to CALENDAR and descriptions):

  • A group workshop is a small 4-person group where everyone has time to learn, take photos and correct their habits. I make sure that each group has a similar level of advancement. 
  • An individual workshop is a meeting addressing your specific needs. The programme of such a course is adjusted to your skills and level of expertise in lighting and posing.

Maternity photography workshops last about 10h. During the meeting we work with 1 or 2 models. I will show you my workflow – from A to Z, starting with preparing the studio, choosing the equipment that will make your work easier, technical and organisational tips. We will discuss the rules of working with models – how to prepare the client for the session, how to take care of their comfort and well-being. I will teach you the rules of posing and choosing styling to emphasise your client’s beauty. I will discuss the theory of studio light (power, light distance, height, angle, choice of modifiers).

During the workshop we work with 1-3 strobes equipped with various light modifiers. We also work on an artificial window and with different backgrounds (Savage paper backdrop, art backdrops).

The programme of the maternity photography workshop is as follows:


As we will be working in a group, I would like you to get to know each other and talk about your experiences so far and your expectations for the workshop. 

As we will be working in a group, I would like you to get to know each other and talk about your photographic experiences so far and your expectations for the workshop. This is the part where we will outline the business premise of the photography business. Do you know how much you earn? What are your costs? If you haven’t calculated it yet – use the time before the workshop to prepare such a calculation.


The main topic are:

  • Preparation for the session: how to prepare the client for the session and prepare yourself for the meeting
  • Styling: I will discuss the principles involved in choosing styling for a particular posture
  • Posing:  Discussing the best ways to pose that will make your client feel confident and comfortable. We will talk about how to take nude photos.


We will start with the basics related to the studio lighting techniques. Do you know:

  • at what distance from the model and the background to place the strobe? 
  • at what height and angle to place the modifier? 
  • How to choose the power of the strobe? 
  • What is the difference between a soft box and a beauty dish? 
  • How to use barn doors, snoots? 
  • When can you use a grid? 
  • What is a rim light and backlight and when to use one and/or the other? 
  • How to create silhouette photos? 
  • How to “read” a photo and guess how it was “lit”? I will answer all these questions.

12.00 – 12.30 COFFEE BREAK

12.30-16.30 PHOTOSHOOT

We work with 1 or 2 models, we will create together a dozen unique set ups. Each styling will be done with a different light combination. We then work in rotation so that everyone can take the same number of photos. Shots will include classic fashion style (photographs on a white background), art photographs, dressed and nude.

16.30 – 17.00 LUNCH BREAK


Photo editing in LR and PS (note: I use commercial PS actions, I provide you with the links to buy tools, I do not give away actions, presets and plugins). 

We will also discuss running a business and promotion / marketing. This will be the time to answer your questions and concerns – prepare a list of your questions in advance.


  • Please come to the maternity photography workshop equipped with a DSRL camera and lens – preferably a 50mm (1.4 or 1.8) alternatively 85mm or 24-70mm. 
  • Bring a blank memory card, a charged battery, a phone charger and good humour and energy for an intensive day of learning. A computer is not required. 
  • If you are using quantum Navigator for Quadralite or Godox strobes –  take it with you.

At the workshop you will receive printed materials with the presentation, which you can use to take additional notes. After the workshop you will also receive a certificate.

After the workshop I am available online – each workshop group has its own separate group where I answer additional questions and help evaluate images. 

If you are coming to the workshop from a city that is min. If you are coming to a city at least 200 km away from the place where the workshop takes place, I suggest arriving a day earlier to avoid being late or tired. I can help with the choice of accommodation.

After the workshop I am available online – each workshop group has its own separate group where I answer additional questions and help evaluate frames. 



  • PRICE of individual studio photography workshops is 2000 EUR
  • SETTING THE TIME: please contact us to arrange a convenient time for you CONTACT
  • THE RESERVATION is valid only after payment of non-returnable deposit of 500 EUR
  • INVOICE: we issue VAT invoices – the condition to receive an invoice is to send your company details within 7 days of receiving the payment
  • IMPORTANT: Payment of the deposit is recognised as an acceptance of the conditions of the photography workshop described here TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE WORKSHOPS


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