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Newborn photography workshop

The newborn photography workshop at Marta Ponsko Portraits studio is a meeting where we discuss the most important issues in newborn photography, working with tiny models and their parents, improving photography workflow and building your photography business.

We organise newborn photography workshops in two modes:

  • Group workshops are intimate meetings of 4 people, during which everyone has time to learn, take photos and correct their photographic habits. We make sure that each group has a similar level of advancement.
  • An individual workshop is a meeting addressing your specific needs. The programme of such a course is adjusted to your skills and experience.

A newborn photography workshop lasts approx. 10h. During the meeting we work with 1 or 2 newborns. I will show you how to organise and conduct a newborn session – from A to Z, starting with preparation of the studio, creating beautiful set ups, setting the light and creating images that will melt hearts of your customers. You will learn the secrets of positioning in props like bowls, benches, baskets, buckets or bowls or posing pod and posing the newborn on a posing table. I will also teach you how to create emotional family photos, describing tips and tricks of posing a newborn baby in their parents’ arms.

During the workshop we work with strobes equipped with various light modifiers.

The program of newborn workshop is as follows:


We start by discussing general principles of photography and working with a newborn. We will prepare the set ups, studio, equipment and I will show some important things about camera settings and light.

We will discuss safety rules of working with a newborn and how to prepare yourself and your clients for the meeting. I will show you what rules to follow when creating set ups and how to boost your creativity with props that will save you money and time. I will introduce you to the principles of composition in newborn photography and the ways of framing.

10.00 – 16.00 NEWBORN SESSIONS:

The photoshoots is the most important part of our meeting. I will focus on showing you as precisely as possible how to position the baby, how to put them to sleep and how to calm them down, how to make smooth transitions between props and poses to make the session run smoothly. My goal is to teach you a workflow that will keep the time of the newborn session to a minimum, but also allow you to develop a diverse gallery of images for your clients. There will be short breaks during this part – we will schedule them with breaks for feeding, changing and rearranging. I will show you what my workflow looks like and what makes my job easier:

  • positioning in props
  • positioning on a positioning table / beanbag
  • photos with parents / photos with siblings 


We will conclude the practical part of the newborn photography workshop by discussing issues such as:

  • file management, photo editing (Lightroom, Photoshop)
  • calendar and client contact management marketing
  • session debriefing
  • session-related questions


Please come to the newborn photography workshop equipped with a DSRL camera and lens – preferably 35mm (1.4 or 1.8) alternatively 50mm or 24-70mm. Bring with you a blank memory card, a charged battery and good humour and energy for an intensive day of learning. A computer is not required.

If you are coming to the workshop from a city that is min. If you are coming to a city at least 200 km away from the place where the workshop takes place, I suggest arriving a day earlier to avoid being late or tired. I can help with the choice of accommodation.



  • PRICE of individual studio photography workshops is 1000 EUR
  • DATE: please contact us to arrange a convenient date for you CONTACT
  • THE RESERVATION is valid only after payment of non-returnable deposit of 500 EUR
  • Invoice: we issue VAT invoices – please send your billing address and VAT number within 7 days of receiving the payment
  • IMPORTANT: Payment of the deposit is tantamount to acceptance of the conditions of the photography workshop described here TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF WORKSHOPS.


  • RESERVATION is only valid upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit
  • INVOICE: we issue VAT invoices – please send your billing address and VAT number within 7 days of receiving the payment
  • IMPORTANT: Payment of the deposit is tantamount to acceptance of the conditions of the photographic workshop described here TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF WORKSHOPS.

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