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Welcome to our maternity photoshoot posing tutorial. In this guide, we’ll explore the art of capturing comfortable sitting poses that highlight the natural beauty of pregnancy. Whether you’re a photographer looking to expand your portfolio or working with pregnant models keen on documenting this special journey, mastering sitting poses can add depth and elegance to your maternity photos.


Here are some tips to remember when you pose your models sitting on the ground:

  1. Arch the Back: Encourage the model to gently arch her back to showcase her baby bump. This creates a flattering curve and emphasizes her pregnancy silhouette.
  2. Soft Hands: Remind the model to keep her hands relaxed and gentle. Avoid clenched fists, which can appear tense in photos. Soft hand placements add a delicate touch to the pose.
  3. Rise with Ease, Maintain Leg Definition: When transitioning from seated to standing positions, advise the model to rise slowly while maintaining a slight bend in the knees. This prevents flattening of the thighs and helps maintain leg definition, contributing to a more flattering pose. Using support if needed ensures comfort and stability during the transition.
  4. Straight Toes: Keep the model’s toes pointed or straightened to elongate the legs and maintain a graceful posture. This contributes to a more elegant and flattering pose.
  5. Mind the Angles: Pay attention to the angles of the model’s body in relation to the camera. Experiment with different poses and perspectives to find the most flattering angles that highlight her pregnancy glow.
  6. Communication is Key: Maintain open communication with the model throughout the shoot. Check in regularly to ensure she’s comfortable and adjust poses or props as needed to accommodate her needs.

If you’re interested in exploring more posing techniques and learning how to use studio light to showcase your pregnant models in the best and most creative way, join us for a creative maternity photography workshop. These workshops are available in various locations. However, if you’re looking for a personalized 1-1 experience, I invite you to my studio in Warsaw, Poland. You can find all the details here: MATERNITY WORKSHOPS.

TIP: open this link on your phone, screenshot the below images. Create folder: POSING on your phone and save all your posing charts in one place so you can have easy access to them when you need them on your maternity or portrait session.

Alternatively: print the pictures and attach them to your mood board – mine hangs close to the place, where I stand while takich shots during my maternity sessions.


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